Amazon Moves Further into Healthcare

By October 28, 2019February 19th, 2021Business, Healthcare Transformation, Innovation, Strategy
Amazon confirmed it had agreed to acquire Health Navigator, an online symptom checker and virtual triage service.
Health Navigator  works with a range of telemedicine, electronic health record, and call center companies, providing clinical content and a diagnosis engine that enables virtual triage of patients based on symptoms, using a natural language processing tool to capture patient complaints and match them to clinical conditions.
This acquisition in addition to PillPack acquired last year will be part of Amazon Care, the company’s virtual care platform for its own employees.
Amazon acquired PillPack last year, an online pharmacy startup, for around $753 million, and that appears to be part of their core value proposition with Amazon Care, too, which features couriered prescribed medications and remotely communicated treatment plans.
It is only a matter of time till we see Amazon Healthcare offered to consumers. Stay tuned. Are you ready for disruption? Check out our upcoming Webinar on disruption in healthcare.