What is the Physician Leadership Institute?

The Physician Leadership Institute belongs to the Center for Transformation and Innovation. Our leadership development programs are designed for physicians by physicians. Programs are offered locally, onsite, where experts from across the country facilitate the sessions. The Institute’s subject matter experts range from nationally renowned healthcare futurists and economists, to industry and business leaders. Our faculty represents universities such as Duke, USF, Emory, and West Point. We build you a customized program to fit your individual development needs, designed to help you lead and navigate the new healthcare world. Each program is designed to empower you to be more effective in dealing with changes, hospital administration, and other specialists. It is an opportunity to network and build relationships with other fellow physicians. Graduates may become Fellows of the Physician Leadership Institute™.

What will I learn?

Graduates learn and apply the following skills:

  • strategic thinking and planning in a dynamic healthcare environment;
  • healthcare business and financial skills; communication and listening skills;
  • becoming a conflict competent leader
  • effective negotiation
  • marketing your services for growth
  • the art of productivity: how to do more with less by removing waste from the system
  • building effective teams
  • authentic leadership: developing courage and character
  • teamwork, trust and accountability
  • navigating healthcare reform and trends
  • confronting the brutal facts
  • having crucial conversations

Why should I do this?

To assist your work more strategically.

To build alignment, so that physicians and administrators speak the same language and share the same vision.

To enhance your skills in conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, business and financial acumen, strategy, etc.

To break down silos.

To help you manage current and future healthcare changes.

To build relationships with other physicians and healthcare leaders.

To help you become a more effective practice leader through increased efficiency, improved teamwork, larger revenues, and reduced costs.

To help you establish work life balance.

How do I find the time? I’m too busy!

No one has enough time. The difference with this program is that you review your priorities, enabling you to spend time on the most important aspects of your job, the critical few, aligned with the organization’s line of sight. It requires one half day per month. Consider it time spent having dinner with fellow physicians. Graduates have reported an increase in the time spent with family after going through the program.

  • The Physician Leadership Institute is an on-site program, reducing travel time.
  • The curriculum is customized to individual development needs, providing the highest return on investment.
  • One-on-one coaching via phone and in person, scheduled conveniently around your schedule.

How does this program help me achieve better work-life balance?

By becoming more efficient and effective in dealing with others, including healthcare administrators, and with healthcare threats. This results in less stress, ultimately leading to better work-life balance.

Why is this my responsibility? Leadership is an administrative job.

This program allows you to apply the skills directly in own practice, and helps to improve your interaction with your team, your patients, and your business.

Healthcare today requires both healthcare administrators and physicians to collaborate, especially with the imminent bundle payment. We need to be on the same page, speaking the same language, and utilizing teamwork to lead us in the new era of healthcare.

Why me? I don't care for business school stuff!

This program is designed by physicians for physicians.

All of the materials have been translated to healthcare and connect business and leadership concepts to clinical applications.

What if I am not interested in lectures?

This program is hands-on, with an emphasis on adult, experiential learning techniques and is not lecture driven. Our philosophy is see one, do one, teach one.

Projects are clinically-based, solving the problems and challenges you care about.

Is the program offered online?

Since this is an experiential learning based program, it requires in person interactions. Some materials are online for reading and references.

Why are we spending money on this? What is the Return On Investment?

There are multiple return on our investment in time and money.

  • More skills = Better productivity = Less stress = Less frustration.
  • Retention of Key physicians = less turn over = less loss of revenue.
  • Better working relationship among participants leading to better collaboration, better service, and better clinical practice.
  • Other participants have reported impact on practice revenues.
  • Productivity= Speakers come on site. Saving on loss productivity of sending physicians and leaders to conference.
  • Cost saving on travel to conferences.
  • Teams work on projects that are strategic to the McFarland Clinic. Previous projects delivered tangible returns (range $50,000 to $600,000).

I am already a leader; what's the point of doing this?

Physicians and physician leaders subscribe to the notion that learning is a lifelong endeavor. Many of the topics covered in the program were not taught in medical school. Leaders understand the importance of leading one’s self authentically before leading others courageously. This is an opportunity to reconnect with your passion, your vision and what matters to you most.

Leaders know when to lead from the front and when to lead from behind.

Where can I learn more?

Please contact us here
call us at 813-230-2375 or
email: mkasti@ctileadership.com.