About CTI

CTI is dedicated to transforming organizations through leadership, strategy, and innovation. We provide rigorous experiential learning that is custom-fit for each client, resulting in improved performance.


Our Physician Leadership Institute

CTI’s Physician Leadership Institute was created to accomplish the mission of transforming healthcare. We begin by enhancing physician skills and enable them to lead  change in their organization’s culture, strategy, and processes in order to improve patient experiences and outcomes.  We maximize engagement and alignment so that physicians and organizations can realize their full potential together. We create leaders.


What We Believe

We believe you can achieve transformational success by applying leadership skills to your strong base of clinical skills. We believe that leadership development has the power to change organizational culture, patient outcomes, and even the future of medicine.


How We Impact Client Organizations

Our solutions are customized so that organizations realize increased patient satisfaction, better quality outcomes, and improved financial performance. We impact results.


Why You Should Choose CTI

While others may offer structured learning programs on an array of topics including leadership, our Physician Leadership Institute is 100 percent focused on developing healthcare leaders. Our customized programs result in skill growth, improved performance, and long-term succession planning. CTI’s Physicain Leadership Institute fosters a culture of goal setting, collaboration, teamwork, and accountability that are essential to achieve long-term objectives for our client-partners. We live leadership.


Our Success

CTI was originally established in 2005. It was created to accelerate USF Health’s vision of changing the DNA of healthcare by transforming how healthcare is delivered, and how health is understood in a continuum, from the environment, to the community, to the individual. Our initial purpose was to act as a transformation resource for USF Health physician leaders. However, CTI’s reputation quickly spread and we began offering our transformation solutions to organizations outside of USF.

In 2008, CTI began operating as a standalone entrepreneurial center. Since then, we have grown by more than 1,000 percent, and our client base has expanded across the country and internationally. Due to the fast growth we experienced, on July 1st, 2012 CTI took the next step and became an independent company (LLC) with the same mission to transform organizations and leaders. CTI now seeks to form long-term working partnerships that provide innovative, sustainable frameworks that improve and transform an organization’s leadership, strategy, and innovation capabilities.