Our History

CTI was created in 2005, as part of USF Health at the University of South Florida. CTI’s mission was to accelerate the transformation of how healthcare is delivered and understood.

Our initial purpose was to serve as a transformation resource for the physician leaders of USF Health. However, CTI’s reputation quickly spread and we began offering our solutions to organizations outside of the university.

In 2008, CTI began operating as a stand-alone entrepreneurial entity. Since then, we’ve grown by more than 1,000 percent and our client base has expanded across the country and internationally. As a result, on July 1, 2012, CTI took the next step and became an independent company (LLC) with the same mission to transform organizations and leaders.

CTI Leadership has been recognized as a leader in physician leadership training.

At CTI we form long-term working partnerships with our clients to achieve success through three foundational practices:

CTI Leadership History and Timeline

Our Trademark and Philosophy: The Second Curve

CTI Leadership Trademark and PhilosophyWe cannot create solutions for today’s problems if we use the same thinking and tools that generated them. We need a shift in paradigm. From a business perspective, this implies a radically new way of operating. Author Ian Morrison described this paradigm shift as “the second curve”.

After experiencing success in the first curve, both individuals and organizations can experience stagnation in growth and productivity. When this occurs the tendency is to go back to the basics and revert to traditional practices. The belief is that the same practices that contributed to the current level of success will ultimately have the same impact on future levels of success. However, future growth depends upon the individual or organization’s ability to successfully transition to a second curve.

A transition of this nature can be challenging, and at times seemingly detrimental to the current goals of an individual or an organization.

This is where CTI comes in: we help leaders and organizations accelerate and achieve a smooth transition to their second curve, where newly acquired tools can help leaders and organizations not only survive but thrive in challenging times.

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